is a public service website built to inform United States Citizens, Residents, and all Americans of their rights related to mask mandates in all 50 states. Our goal is to give individuals the tools they need to navigate safely during these turbulent times where disinformation is rampant from the mainstream media which is controlled by the same interests that have been involved in the same corruption that caused the Covid-19 crisis in this country.

Each and every one of you reading this has inalienable rights that protect your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness under the Bill of Rights, United States Constitution, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

You are not required to show proof of a disability.

A business or other entity who requires proof of a disability in order to avoid wearing a mask is a violation of ADA law, punishable by a $10,000 fine for each infraction.

Do you qualify?

If any of the following illustrates a condition you suffer from, you are exempt from wearing a face covering.

  • Individuals with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or other respiratory disabilities may not be able to wear a face mask because of difficulty in or impaired breathing. People with respiratory disabilities should consult their own medical professional for advice about using face masks. The CDC also states that anyone who has trouble breathing should not wear a face mask.[7]
  • People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), severe anxiety, or claustrophobia (an abnormal fear of being in enclosed or narrow places),[8] may feel afraid or terrified when wearing a face mask. These individuals may not be able to stay calm or function when wearing a face mask.
  • Some people with autism are sensitive to touch and texture. [9] Covering the nose and mouth with fabric can cause sensory overload, feelings of panic, and extreme anxiety.
  • A person who has cerebral palsy may have difficulty moving the small muscles in the hands, wrists, or fingers. Due to their limited mobility,  they may not be able to tie the strings or put the elastic loops of a face mask over the ears. This means that the individual may not be able to put on or remove a face mask without assistance.
  • A person who uses mouth control devices such as a sip and puff to operate a wheelchair or assistive technology, or uses their mouth or tongue to use assistive ventilators will be unable to wear a mask.

If a business refuses to allow me to enter, do I have the right to force my way in?

No, of course not. However, they are required to provide reasonable accommodations. For example:

  • Requesting curbside pickup
  • Requesting deliver service with fees waived

Are you required to social distance if you cannot wear a mask?

Short answer, it is in you best interest. Use it to your advantage. If anyone wants to give you a hard time, inform them that they must stay 6 feet away from you as per CDC guidelines. You don’t want those people in your bubble anyway. Be polite, don’t raise your voice, or point your finger at anyone. Simply go about your business and make it a point to stay away from people during this time. If two adults consent to enter each others personal space in public, that is their right. If someone wants to practice social distancing, that is also their right. We must respect those wishes in the same way we demand our wishes and needs be respected.

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