Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors

Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors
COVID-19 Young woman with KN95 FFP2 mask feeling unwell on plane. Fear of flying woman in airplane. Stress, headache, motion sickness and airsickness on plane during pandemic.

(ED) You are told to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus infection. But do you know that wearing masks can cause way more dangerous, even life-threatening health effects as shown by scientific studies and professional observation of medical experts?

While the authorities worldwide have thoughtlessly imposed wearing face masks on unsuspecting public, medical doctors critical of the establishment’s health policies are speaking up against the mask mandate and citing health risks associated with wearing masks.

In August, Dr. James Meehan warned of the serious health risks that come with masks at a press conference, the video of which was posted in The Activist Post last month. He summarized the health risks associated with wearing masks, ranging from skin infections to bacterial pneumonia. Dr. Meehan said that reports from around the world are pointing at a notable rise in bacterial pneumonia among people using masks. He said such health issues arise when people suffer reduced oxygen supply due to wearing masks. He also told of an incidence where one patient wearing a mask passed out due to low oxygen while at work and fell off a ladder, resulting in serious physical injuries.

The Activist Post wrote that Dr. Meehan and other concerned doctors as well as some business owners have filed a lawsuit against the mayor and health department of Tulsa, OK, over their mask mandates. The business owners say in light of the science showing the health risks associated with masks, they do not want to put their employees at risk by enforcing the mask mandate required by the city.

In related news, a couple of months ago, The New York Post reported on the oral health damage associated with wearing masks. Dr. Rob Ramondi was cited by the paper telling that they are seeing patients with no previous history of oral diseases develop decaying teeth and diseased gums due to wearing masks for long hours, a condition the doctors dubbed “mask mouth”.


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